Risk:   Risk in respect of the goods transfers to the purchaser upon execution of the delivery docket.

Requested Delivery Dates: During the December peak period deliveries for specific days or times cannot be guaranteed.

Single Deliveries:   Delivery to an individual address is charged FOC per Hamper or Gift box within the Republic of Ireland. Please allow a minimum of five (5) working days for deliveries within the Republic of Ireland from point of placing order. We will endeavour to expedite items on the same day, but due to seasonal peaks same day dispatch may not be possible.

Bulk Deliveries: Delivery of Multiple Hampers or Gift Boxes to one nominated location is FREE of charge for an order value over €1500.

Delivery of multiple Hampers or Gift Boxes to one address with an order value of less than €1500. We can provide reduced shipping costs. Prices vary depending upon destination, quantities, weights, and delivery times, etc. so please enquire with the Customer Service team for a quotation on our very reasonable shipping rates, contact 091-868 200.
Deliveries to a single address for several items will be dispatched at the same time. However due to circumstances outside of our control, in the December period these items may unfortunately arrive at different times.

International Deliveries   Delivery Outside of Ireland will require a separate quote for all such orders. The Customer Service team can provide this information, contact 091-868 200.
For items being exported, the delivery charge covers the packaging and delivery only. Customs duties may be payable by an overseas recipient and we regret we are unable to advise of these amounts.
We can in some cases direct you to specific courier companies and their Web sites which may contain further details on this subject.
The Company cannot guarantee delivery dates for Export orders.

Customs Clearance White Gables Ltd. cannot be held responsible should local customs authorities wish to confiscate any particular item, delay shipment or charge import duty on any Hampers or Gifts boxes.

Incorrect recipient address details   Returns: Any additional charges incurred in the completion of a delivery or the returning of goods, due to incomplete recipient information from the client, will be liable for all related charges and costs.
This applies to national and international deliveries.
Re-Delivery: Any additional charges/costs incurred in the completion of a delivery (Re-sending) of goods, due to incomplete original recipient information from the client, or the recipients being unable to collect the item in the time frame specified period from will be liable for all related charges and costs. This applies to national and international deliveries.


If you do not receive your Hamper/Gift Box in perfect condition please contact The Company within 24 Hours if within Ireland or 72hours if an International delivery address.

Cancellations are accepted prior to the dispatch of goods from our warehouse.
16.3 Cancellations after Dispatch: requires the items be returned complete before a full refund is issued.

Cancellation of Customised Hampers or Gifts: will incur a restocking charge. A charge of 20% of the (ex. vat) unit price of the selected items will be applied to a clients account.

Non Delivery A full refund is provided for complete non-delivery or lost items. Items arriving late but arriving intact and fit for purpose will only be refunded, once the original item(s) are returned to our warehouse as a part of this process. Items arriving within 1 Business day after the requested delivery date within Ireland are not deemed to be late for the purposes of this clause. International addressed items arriving within 3 business days after the requested date are not deemed to be late for the purposes of this clause.

Non-Arrival In the event of a non-arrival please contact The Company within 28 days of the expected delivery date and quote the order number and client details shown on the invoice paperwork.

Breakages The Company must be notified in writing, to the Customer Service Department, giving details as shown on the Delivery/Address label. A description of the damage is also to be provided.

Damaged individual items are replaced on a one for one basis.

Damaged Hamper A Hamper or Gift item damaged in delivery to the point of being unfit for purpose must NOT be signed for, by the recipient. This will readily confirm damage in transit. Such an item will be replaced including all related delivery charges. We will require the original damaged item be returned as a part of this process.

Delivery Tracking   Proof of delivery cannot be provided for all deliveries. However there are facilities for the selective tracking of items that have not reached their destination within a reasonable period of time, after the actual dispatch date. Tracking numbers can be provided by The Company and proof of delivery can be obtained by the person or company placing the order, via the internet.
The lack of the proof of delivery or tracking records at the time of invoicing is not an accepted reason for withholding payments. The company will suitably compensate clients for any items that are subsequently confirmed as being undelivered.
The Company, can provide further details on this particular courier service.

Substitution All items are subject to availability. If due to unforeseen circumstances it is necessary to substitute an item, the replacement item shall be of equal or greater value than that which it replaces.

The Company reserves the right to substitute items, without specific notice being provided, where such substitutions may unfortunately occur.

Props Photographs in the Brochure and on the Web site are accompanied by an itemised list describing the contents of each Hamper or Gift Box. Please note that for photographic purposes some props have been used and these are not included in the particular Hamper or Gift Box.

Copyright The Company reserves the copyright to all images and text contained within the Brochure and the Web site, with the exception of any quotations as noted here.

Telephone Calls As with other large organisations, telephone calls to The Company may be recorded, for security and service monitoring purposes.

Individual Items Sale policy Items Featured in the Brochure as part of a Hamper or Gift set are not available as individual items, via the Brochure or via the Online ordering facility. Individual item types can only be ordered in the case or box quantities as they are bulk shipped to The Company from the source suppliers. Prices for such orders can be provided on an individual basis at the Companies discretion.

Chilled Hamper/Gift Box products Please note that Hampers or Gift boxes containing chilled goods are labelled as such. Please open and refrigerate the chilled products as soon as possible after delivery (where possible), even if this is for an interim period prior to further transportation. (i.e. Whilst in your office or facility). Failing this please store the Hampers or Gift boxes in a cool dark or cold location.

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